Selected Publications

Books written

Soll ich?
Stutt­gart 2004 (Re­clam)

Ends and Means
Uni­ver­si­tät Leip­zig 2000

Books co-edited

Han­deln mit Be­deu­tung und Han­deln mit Ge­walt
Pa­der­born 2009 (Men­tis)
Table of Contents etc.

Der Sinn des Le­bens
Munich 2000 (Deut­scher Ta­schen­buch
Ver­lag), fifth ed. 2004
Table of Contents etc.

Berlin 1998 (Wal­ter de Gruy­ter)
Table of Contents etc.

Zum mo­ra­li­schen Den­ken
2 vols., Frank­furt a. M. 1995 (Suhr­kamp)
Table of Contents etc.

Papers in Journals

Deception and the De­sires That Speak against It
with Ul­la Wes­sels, in Ar­is­to­tel­ian So­ci­ety Sup­ple­men­tary Vol­ume 93 (2019)

Feeling Our Way to the Common Good
with R. H. Frank, in The Monist 93 (2010)

Editing Hutcheson’s Inquiry
British Journal for the His­to­ry of Phil­os­ophy 13 (2005)

Papers in Books

Desire-Oriented Theories of Welfare
with Ul­la Wes­sels, in The Ox­ford Hand­book of Nor­ma­tive Ethics, ed. by David Copp, Connie Rosati, and Tina Rulli, Ox­ford, in pre­par­ation (O.U.P.)

Ra­tion­al­ity and Mor­al­ity
with Ul­la Wes­sels, in Hand­book of Ra­tion­al­ity, ed. by Mar­kus Knauff and Wolf­gang Spohn, Cam­bridge, Mass., 2021 (MIT Press)

One Simple Reason Why for Many Attitudes We Will Never Have a Satisfactory General Metric
in Von Rang und Na­men, ed. by Wolf­gang Frei­tag et al., Müns­ter 2016 (Men­tis)

Taking into Account One’s Own Welfare: A Critique of the Self-Ex­clud­ing View
in Geist und Moral, ed. by Chris­toph Lu­mer and Uwe Meyer, Pa­der­born 2011 (Men­tis)

The Weight of Self-Love in Be­nev­o­lence and Vir­tue
in Han­deln mit Be­deu­tung und Han­deln mit Ge­walt

in Varieties of Practical Rea­son­ing, ed by E. Mill­gram, Cam­bridge, Mass., 2001 (MIT Press)

Justice beyond De­sires?
in The Idea of a Political Lib­er­al­ism, ed. by V. Davion and C. Wolf, Totowa, NJ, 2000 (Row­man and Little­field)

Pref­er­ences: An In­tro­duc­tion and a Short Bib­li­ogra­phy
with U. Wes­sels, in Pref­er­ences

In­tro­duc­tion to Pos­si­ble Pref­er­ences
with U. Wes­sels, in Pref­er­ences

A Pa­re­to Prin­ci­ple for Pos­si­ble People
in Pref­er­ences

Rawls und Prä­fe­ren­zen
in Zur Idee des po­li­ti­schen Li­be­ra­li­smus, ed. by W. Hinsch, Frank­furt a. M. 1997 (Suhr­kamp)

Das gro­ße Un­glück der klei­ne­ren Zahl
in Zum mo­ra­li­schen Den­ken

The Limit As­sump­tion in De­on­tic (and Pro­hair­e­tic) Log­ic
in Ana­lyo­men 1, ed. by G. Megg­le and U. Wes­sels, Ber­lin 1994 (Wal­ter de Gruy­ter)

Dictionary entries

Francis Hutcheson, An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Vir­tue
in Kind­lers Li­te­ra­tur Le­xi­kon, third ed., vol. 7, ed. by H. L. Arnold, Stutt­gart 2009 (Metz­ler)

in The Encyclopedia of Social Theory, ed. by A. Harring­ton et al., Lon­don 2006 (Rout­ledge)

Wunsch I
in His­to­ri­sches Wör­ter­buch der Phi­lo­so­phie, vol. 12, ed. by J. Rit­ter et al., Ba­sel 2004 (Schwabe)

R. M. Hare, The Language of Morals, Freedom and Reason, Moral Thinking
in Großes Werk­le­xi­kon der Phi­lo­so­phie, ed. by F. Volpi, Stutt­gart 1999 (Krö­ner)


Review of Graham Oddie, Value, Reality, and Desire
Times Literary Supplement, July 14, 2006

Review of Jonathan Dancy, Ethics without Principles
Times Literary Supplement, April 29, 2005