Books written

Ends and Means
Universität Leipzig 2000

Soll ich?
Stuttgart 2004 (Reclam)

Books co-edited

Zum moralischen Denken
2 vols., Frankfurt a. M. 1995 (Suhrkamp)
Table of Contents etc.

Berlin 1998 (Walter de Gruyter)
Table of Contents etc.

Der Sinn des Lebens
Munich 2000 (Deutscher Taschenbuch
Verlag), fifth ed. 2004
Table of Contents etc.

Handeln mit Bedeutung und Handeln mit Gewalt
Paderborn 2009 (Mentis)
Table of Contents etc.

Papers include

The Limit Assumption in Deontic (and Prohairetic) Logic
in Analyomen 1, ed. by G. Meggle and U. Wessels, Berlin 1994 (Walter de Gruyter)

Das große Unglück der kleineren Zahl
in Zum moralischen Denken

Rawls und Präferenzen
in Zur Idee des politischen Liberalismus, ed. by W. Hinsch, Frankfurt a. M. 1997 (Suhrkamp)

Preferences: An Introduction and a Short Bibliography
with U. Wessels, in Preferences

Introduction to Possible Preferences
with U. Wessels, in Preferences

A Pareto Principle for Possible People
in Preferences

Justice beyond Desires?
in The Idea of a Political Liberalism, ed. by V. Davion and C. Wolf, Totowa, NJ, 2000 (Rowman and Littlefield)

in Varieties of Practical Reasoning, ed by E. Millgram, Cambridge, Mass., 2001 (MIT Press)

Editing Hutcheson’s Inquiry
British Journal for the History of Philosophy 13 (2005)

The Weight of Self-Love in Benevolence and Virtue
in Handeln mit Bedeutung und Handeln mit Gewalt

Feeling Our Way to the Common Good
with R. H. Frank, in The Monist 93 (2010)

Taking into Account One’s Own Welfare: A Critique of the Self-Excluding View
in Geist und Moral, ed. by Christoph Lumer and Uwe Meyer, Paderborn 2011 (Mentis)

One Simple Reason Why for Many Attitudes We Will Never Have a Satisfactory General Metric
in Von Rang und Namen, ed. by Wolfgang Freitag et al., M√ľnster 2016 (Mentis)

Dictionary entries

R. M. Hare, The Language of Morals, Freedom and Reason, Moral Thinking
in Großes Werklexikon der Philosophie, ed. by F. Volpi, Stuttgart 1999 (Kröner)

Wunsch I
in Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie, vol. 12, ed. by J. Ritter et al., Basel 2004 (Schwabe)

in The Encyclopedia of Social Theory, ed. by A. Harrington et al., London 2006 (Routledge)

Francis Hutcheson, An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue
in Kindlers Literatur Lexikon, third ed., vol. 7, ed. by H. L. Arnold, Stuttgart 2009 (Metzler)


Review of Jonathan Dancy, Ethics without Principles
Times Literary Supplement, April 29, 2005

Review of Graham Oddie, Value, Reality, and Desire
Times Literary Supplement, July 14, 2006